On the picture : INFINITE’s leader

Kim Sunggyu’s solo debut!

A jacket filming full of sensibility

Hello. Melon Family! I am Kim Sunggyu who just released a solo album entitled “Another Me”~

Since I’ve always been seen with my INFINITE members, I think there’s a lot of people who don’t know Kim Sunggyu alone.

That’s why after worrying and focusing on my solo album, I’ve released Another me !

Today, I will show the Melon Family the precious moments I’ve spent while working on my first solo album and the shooting of my album jacket I’ve worked on even harder because I was alone.


Album | INFINITE’s leader Kim Sunggyu’s solo album [Shine]

Before releasing his album [Another me], INFINITE’s leader Kim Sunggyu pre-released a single of the “hybride music” genre, [Shine]. It’s a synonym of melodic dance music. As hard as it was to imagine what would be the…

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