Sunggyu Thanks To:
Heavenly Father, thank you very much. Because of my family who always trusts me, Woollim Entertainment family members which were started by Lee Jungyeob representative, and my lovely members, I can be here. Inspirit who always trust and protect Infinite! I’ll pray that you guys will be blessed.

Dongwoo Thanks To:
My dearest father, even now, thank you for opening your heart, I’m hoping for a family trip which is far, far away! I’ll be there behind you~ My mother is the best, for recommending me good musics! I’ll work hard on (becoming a) person and music~! Now~ My oldest sister, seems like you have a second family now heuheu My second sister! You’ve run this far, I hope you can find what you like to do without any burden now! Age is just a number~ Also my 90 line colleagues, seniors, juniors, who get closer for…

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